Electro and butt fusion fittings

Electro and butt fusion fittings

EUROSTANDARD is an Italian company represented by world Plastic as an Exclusive Agent for Jordan. Electro and Butt fusion fittings manufactured from high density polyethylene substance in accordance with international standards.

The fittings are used for HDPE pipes (Aquapipe) of ‘‘World plastics’’ and for diameters 20 - 400mm, pressures 10 - 25 bar and for various densities, wherein a special electric welding machine is used to install these fittings. These fittings are marked by hardness and durability to high pressures and temperatures, In addition to high performance reliability.

Electro and butt fusion fittings Applications

Potable water networks.

Gas networks.

Irrigation network (main lines).

Chemical and industrial liquids transmission.

Cooling water transmission.

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