‘‘"World Plastics" supplies eight kinds of plastic pipes including their fittings:









In addition, ‘‘World plastics’’ considered the sole agent of well known international companies

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading developed company as an ideal of engineering and technical firm by making availability of required materials at reasonable price, high quality and advanced technology in the field of central heating systems, hot and cold water networks, gas networks drinking water and sanitary in order to raise the value of engineering work, to meet our customers requirements and to preserve the environment free from pollution.

Our Mission

We in ‘‘World plastics’’ for construction industries are keen to offer the best of required engineering materials for heating, water and gas systems, to render our best services to customers, owners of big projects and public sector through scientific engineering methods, advanced technology, skilled and experienced technicians and engineers.

Quality Policy

The policy of ‘‘World plastics’’ is distinguished by offering services and advanced plastic pipes of high quality which undoubtedly meet customers requirements and exceeding their expectations in order to remain in a pioneer position in both local and regional markets via continuous improvement , training and development for quality control department system (quality planning , controlling, assurance, and improvement). Whereas ‘‘World plastics’’ has established, authenticated, developed and maintained quality department system through continuous improvement in conformity with standards specifications of ISO 9001. ‘‘World plastics’’ uses new raw materials (Virgin) and never uses recycled or regrind materials because of our moral and vocational commitment in this regard is our utmost guarantee to our customers since 1984, we are also proud to say that we are the only company in Jordan specialized in the field of plastic pipes possessing quality mark from Jordan institution for standards and metrology (JISM) for most our products and the same indicates to our true commitment. ‘‘World plastics’’ uses raw materials of international specifications where from accrediting of best suppiliers passing through production and ending with packaging process followed by prompt delivery within fully considered and transportation programmers which certainly serve their needs appropriately.

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