Pipes & fittings are manufactured according to German standards DIN 8077 and 8078, manufactured from high quality raw material.

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PPR 20

PPR 32

PPR 50

PPR 75

Male Bass Union

Female Threaded Tee

Dark Valve

Female Two

Elbow 90

Elbow 45

Reducer Elbow

Three-way Elbow


Reducer Tee


Reducer Coupler

End Cap

Long Threaded Plug

Threaded Plug

Over Cross

Over Band

Adapter Flange

Short Clip

Long Clip


Threaded Union

Female Bass Union

Male Bass Union

Female Threaded Elbow

Male Threaded Elbow

Female Threaded Seated Elbow

Double Seated Elbow with Tap Connector

Male Threaded Coupler

Female Threaded Coupler

Male Threaded Tee

Cut-off Valve

Socket Weld Plug